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The Most Complete Solitaire Collection (Suite) is
SolSuite - Solitaire Card Games

Most known solitaires are:

  • Klondike - Alternate names: Canfield (improper), Chinaman, Demon, Demon Patience, Fascination, Gold Rush, Patience, Small Triangle, Solitaire and Triangle.

  • FreeCell - Similar games: Baker's Game, Eight Off, Joker FreeCell.

  • Spider Solitaire - Alternate names: Roosevelt's Favourite.

  • Canfield - Alternate names: Demon, Devil's Own, Fascination, Pounce, Racing Demon, Thirteen.

  • La Belle Lucie - Alternate names: Alexander the Great, Clover Leaf, Fair Lucy, Fan, Midnight Oil, The Fan, Three Shuffles and a Draw.

  • Pyramid- Alternate names: Egyptian Campaign, Pile of Twenty-Eight.

  • Golf - Alternate names: Fan Tan, One Foundation, Les 35 Heures.

  • Forty Thieves - Alternate names: A Hundred Days, Big Forty, Cadran, Island of Elba, Le Cadran, Napoleon at Saint Helena, Roosevelt at San Juan.

  • Monte Carlo - Alternate names: Double and Quits, Double or Quits, Good Neighbors, Quilt, Weddings.


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